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We know the value of equipment.

Our technology helps equipment owners and lenders who service the construction and agriculture industries quickly assign accurate values to their heavy equipment collateral.

We know what equipment is worth in the current market and we know how crucial accurate valuations can be for financing decisions.

Lenders and equipment owners both look to HeavyWorth to organize entire equipment inventories into catalogs with everything owners need to know about their fleets and lenders need to know about their collateral. We provide trusted, third-party valuations so lenders and equipment owners can get past the possibly contentious step of putting prices on assets and focus on the important tasks of financing business operations.

Our app walks you through a straightforward process of documenting and photographing your equipment. The information is sent to our team of experts who will return a report of your equipment with corresponding current fair market values.

Request a valuation

If you have equipment and want us to perform our turn-key valuation services, you can request a valuation.

Farm equipment

Times are tough in the ag sector. Commodity prices aren’t where they ought to be, new equipment prices aren’t going down and interest rates are trending in the wrong direction. Successful financing in the current climate requires a clear and accurate picture of your assets.

Learn more about our farm equipment evaluations.

Construction equipment

Construction businesses depend on heavy equipment. Knowing what machinery is worth is a crucial component to managing inventory effectively so as to have the right tools on hand for the next job.

Learn more about our construction equipment evaluations.

Lending institutions

Relationships with clients are built on trust. The process of assigning values to prospective collateral can be contentious and threatening to that trust. Let a trusted third party handle the appraisals so you can get back to securing your clients’ success.

Learn more about our services for lending institutions.