Third-party heavy equipment appraisals you can trust and software that makes internal appraisers more efficient than before.


The HeavyWorth team at a conference table
The HeavyWorth team at a conference table in Manhattan, Kansas

HeavyWorth sensed the need for cutting-edge technology backed by human expertise to offer quality valuations for heavy machinery. We've built the apps & tools, woven them seamlessly into the processes used to assign the values our clients trust us to provide.

With a home base in Omaha, Nebraska and Manhattan, Kansas - HeavyWorth is deeply rooted in the midwest, working hard to serve our communities and residents while also serving the needs of anyone in the United States. 


"We at Kissick Construction were extremely satisfied with the professionalism and expertise shown by HeavyWorth when performing the valuation work on our fleet of equipment. HeavyWorth proved to be flexible in their work schedule and accommodated our needs and constraints in order to capture all of the equipment photos, identification numbers, meter readings and conditions needed for the valuation. In addition, their work was completed in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost. During this process, a full array of construction equipment was organized and valued in a detailed catalog - both in print and digitally.  The job involved visiting roughly fifty job sites which required strong communication among the staff and Kissick. We appreciate HeavyWorth and commend them for being a great partner in helping us complete this project. Looking forward to working with them again when the need arises."

Rick WhiteEquipment Manager, Kissick Construction, Kansas City, MO

"As an attorney dealing with different estate situations, I have counted on HeavyWorth to perform equipment valuations for my clients. They provided me the opportunity to meet my client's needs using their full spectrum of options. HeavyWorth was flexible in their work schedule and accommodated our time limitation of getting the work done and at a reasonable cost. Based on the quality of their work, HeavyWorth is the company that I will highly recommend and continue to use for client equipment valuations."

Darrel E. JohnsonSenior Attorney at Graber & Johnson Law Group, LLC


Let HeavyWorth leverage our technology, team of experts and big data to generate accurate, consistent and trusted values for the equipment that runs your business.


• Business valuations
• Financing and loans
• Insurance values
• Auctions
• Financial planning
• General knowledge


• Accountants
• Attorneys
• Lenders, insurance underwriters
• Farmers & farm managers
• Financial  planners
• Construction companies
• Investors, owners

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Available for nearly all platforms, our consumer-friendly apps have been developed for flexibility and ease of use.

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We stand for QUALITY 

Prior to software updates, our team vigorously tests our products do you do not experience issues when it counts.

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We do amazing WORK

We offer flexible packages to meet your needs, responsive apps to work where you need them to and live chat support to back it all up.

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Our apps are designed to minimize wasted time in the field. HeavyWorth delivers the right values fast.

OUR TECH + Expertise

HeavyWorth founder Dusty Reynolds by whiteboard
HeavyWorth founder Dusty Reynolds by whiteboard

Lenders and equipment owners alike look to HeavyWorth to organize their collateral or entire equipment inventories into catalogs with everything they need to know about the assets that are relied on for loan coverage or balance sheet values. Our app walks you through a straightforward process of documenting and photographing ag and construction equipment to be valued. The information is sent to our team of experts who will provide a custom, detailed report of your equipment and their corresponding current fair market values.

Taking picture of truck odometer
Taking picture of truck odometer
Taking picture of truck tractor VIN
Using the HeavyWorth mobile app to take a picture of truck tractor VIN


$385 M

Total value of assets on the HeavyWorth platform


Combined years of equipment experience


# of Thai meals eaten since our company's inception


% of satisfied HeavyWorth customers


# of equipment photos on HeavyWorth


KBB for farm equipment
Example of HeavyWorth's Equipment Profile - the Kelly Blue Book for farm equipment


Customer supplies the make, model, year, serial and other attributes and the HeavyWorth team assigns a value range to each asset.

Mobile app screenshot
Screenshot of HeavyWorth's mobile app


You capture the information and we perform the valuation.

(Capture: To obtain photos and pertinent asset information using HeavyWorth software)

Catalog example
Example catalog of equipment with values


Let us do the heavy lifting.

Customer provides information and location of assets, the HeavyWorth team captures and then assigns a value to each asset, finalized into an organized catalog.


For clients with more stringent requirements, we can also generate USPAP-compliant or legal appraisals. Inquire for custom proposal.


Do everything yourself. Use our HeavyWorth software to capture and organize assets via the mobile app and website. Customer has control and uses as needed.



Screenshot of HeavyWorth mobile app
Screenshot of HeavyWorth mobile app


We built our apps from the ground up to give you everything you need out there. They even work in offline mode for places where cellular service is sketchy or doesn't exist. Multiple users can add and edit assets simultaneously. From asset creation to completion, the user is walked through the intuitive process of recording the make, model, year, description VIN, serial number and other relevant information. The app prompts for pictures when appropriate and allows the user to take as many pictures as necessary to accurately and quickly capture everything that matters about the asset.

WEBSITE (web app)

Screenshot of HeavyWorth web app
Screenshot of HeavyWorth web app


While asset captures are best created using the mobile app, they're best reviewed and edited on the website.

Our website allows browsing, sorting and editing all the assets in a catalog as well as the creation of new items. Images can be viewed larger and rotated if need be. Pictures can be added by uploading directly or with Dropbox. Additional users can be invited to collaborate on catalogs so you can ensure everything is right, before requesting valuations for some or all of the assets, from our team of experts.

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From a turn-key service to website and mobile apps, our solutions let you spend less time worrying about values and more time focusing on your business.
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Don't risk the success of a project by using inaccurate values. Make better deals when you know you haven't cut corners on the numbers.
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Your business moves fast, we can keep up. We are agile enough to work on your schedule, ensuring you get the right values when you need them.


Curious about HeavyWorth? Contact us!
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Disclaimer: We do not do valuations for cattle and/or crops, only heavy equipment.


    Dusty Reynolds
    Dusty Reynolds

    Dusty Reynolds

    Founder & Sales

    Dusty@HeavyWorth.com | ext. 702

    Dusty is from Hooper, Nebraska. He now lives just west of Omaha in Yutan with his wife Julia and their three kids. When he’s not keeping HeavyWorth moving in the best direction, he enjoys traveling, woodworking and repairing anything his children break. He once worked at a donut shop in college in exchange for only donuts.

    Glenda Wegener
    Glenda Wegener

    Glenda Wegener

    Lender Business Development

    Glenda@HeavyWorth.com | ext. 705

    Glenda was born and raised on a farm outside of Norton, Kansas.  She now lives in Omaha and has one son who lives in Wisconsin. When she’s not familiarizing lenders with HeavyWorth, she’s spending time with family or enjoying outdoor activities like horseback riding, biking and hiking. She has two sisters, Barb and Sandy - which is her twin sister.

    Brian Nelson
    Brian Nelson

    Brian Nelson

    Technical Lead

    Brian@HeavyWorth.com | ext. 701

    Brian is originally from Westboro, Missouri, and now lives in Omaha with his wife Kristin. He worked on previous projects with Dusty, Marabeth and Jim and has rejoined the team to lead the technical side of software and app development. When he’s not writing lines of code and keeping developers on the right track, he enjoys golfing, fishing and traveling.

    Aaron Traffas
    Aaron Traffas

    Aaron Traffas

    Content Marketing

    Aaron@HeavyWorth.com | ext. 706

    Aaron grew up farming near Sharon, Kansas. He now lives in Medicine Lodge, Kansas, with his wife Diane and three sons. When he’s not generating content for HeavyWorth, he’s operating his fourth-generation family farm. He’s also a performing songwriter and plays shows and releases records both solo and with the Aaron Traffas Band.

    Marabeth Tyler
    Marabeth Tyler

    Marabeth Tyler

    Marketing & Community Coordinator

    Marabeth@HeavyWorth.com | ext. 703

    An Ohio native her whole life, Marabeth grew up in Kirtland and now hails from Defiance. Her family includes husband Brent, six kids and a cat. When she’s not making sure everyone’s heard of HeavyWorth, she enjoys reading, gaming, cooking and everything else that involves her family. She’s also returned to college after many years away from academia.

    Jim Phillips
    Jim Phillips

    Jim Phillips

    Customer Success Coordinator

    Jim@HeavyWorth.com | ext. 700

    A meteorologist in a past life, Jim is originally from Chicago and now lives in Omaha with his wife Carol. When he’s not making sure everyone who uses HeavyWorth has a good experience, he’s enjoying Thai and Indian food while tweeting about the weather. He’s also a craft beer connoisseur who organizes a bar crawl each year for his birthday (February 19th, y'all).


    Using HeavyWorth app to picture equipment
    Use HeavyWorth app to picture tractor engine

    The HeavyWorth value is an opinion of value, on a specific date, consisting of a willing buyer, willing seller with adequate marketing and sufficient amount of accurate facts presented.

    Appraisals are expensive because they have legal requirements that are not necessary for most banking, tax, estate planning and insurance uses. The HeavyWorth value is not a retail value. A retail value includes the product cost and a retail mark-up.


    We use myriad sources to generate our HeavyWorth values, including realized prices from multiple auction sites, professionals with many years of experience, dealership listings and other aggregate price data from proprietary sources. We compare each item we value against the current market dynamics and factor in the attributes captured by our mobile app.



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