October product updates

Recent improvements to our apps

The HeavyWorth development team has been continually improving our  platforms for functionality and ease-of-use of our software. Take a look below to see a brief overview of changes that have happened recently. 

See all of these updates by jumping into the HeavyWorth apps today!

Mobile app updates

  • Valuation reasons have been have been added into the catalog so valuations use the correct approach and value (FMV, OLV, etc.)
  • Search functionality has been changed to find a specific asset by description, serial/VIN, make/model/inventory ID.
  • The ability to delete an asset from the mobile app has been added.
  • View all catalogs created by your organization plus your recent catalogs.
  • Assets or photos that have been deleted by other users will not be displayed to avoid clutter and confusion.
  • Select multiple photos from your iPhone’s camera roll to quickly add to an asset.

Web app updates

  • View columns for customer meter readings in the catalog asset listing.
  • Ability to hide columns that are not used in the catalog.
  • Open another catalog list in a new window by right clicking on the catalog link in header.
  • Search function(s) have changed. Now able to search using catalog or asset information.
  • We have added a “Save and edit next” action to work through assets in a catalog quicker.
  • When receiving valuations, links to the comps used are now available to view.
  • Also, the catalog export will now include individual estimates.
  • Images are now able to be categorized when adding to an asset.
  • While in catalog view, you’re able to sort multiple columns simultaneously for viewing ease.
  • Apply filters to view only a special circumstance such as a custom package per catalog.

Mobile web updates

  • Without having to install the HeavyWorth app, you’re now able to view and/or edit an asset and catalog details on your mobile device using the website.
  • The asset list is now also usable on both iOS and Android phones.

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