Ag equipment values

Get accurate ag equipment values with HeavyWorth

At HeavyWorth, we know the value of farm equipment. We know how ag equipment values can change with the market and we know how to adjust that value to match the required valuation type. Whether you’re looking for more precision on your balance sheet, wanting a second opinion for a trade-in, negotiating with an insurance company over replacement cost, establishing a basis for tax purposes or working to refinance or obtain financing, we know how to help

We rapidly generate ordered catalogs of complete farm inventories with HeavyWorth values that are consistent and trusted by lending institutions to be objective and accurate.

Establishing ag equipment values can be contentious. If it’s done by the producer and the lender has to adjust it or if it’s done by the lender and the producer believes it’s too low, then either mismatch can introduce friction into an important relationship. With the success of the farming enterprise riding on the relationship between producer and lender, why not trust a third party to handle the process of valuing the equipment?

Let HeavyWorth leverage our expertise and big data to generate accurate, consistent and trusted values for the equipment that runs your farm now or in the future.

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