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We offer valuation expertise for self-service and turn-key appraisals of construction and agricultural machinery

When you need a straightforward solution – we can help

HeavyWorth sensed the need for cutting-edge technology backed by human expertise to offer quality valuations for heavy machinery. We have built the apps & tools, woven them seamlessly into the processes used to assign the values our clients trust us to provide.

With a home base in Omaha, Nebraska and Manhattan, Kansas – HeavyWorth is deeply rooted in the midwest, working hard to serve our communities and residents while also serving the needs of anyone in the United States.

Lenders and equipment owners alike look to HeavyWorth to organize their collateral or entire equipment inventories into catalogs with everything they need to know about the assets that are relied on for loan coverage or balance sheet values. 

Our technology walks you through a straightforward process of documenting and photographing ag and construction equipment to be valued. The information is sent to our team of experts who will provide a custom, detailed report of your equipment and their corresponding current fair market values.



We understand your needs and provide quality options.

Self capture

You capture the information and we perform the valuation. Take control of your inventory, we will provide a full catalog of values.

Site visit

You provide information and location of assets and the HeavyWorth team will capture, analyze, and value each asset. We work on your schedule and deadlines.


You provide information and location of assets and the HeavyWorth team will capture the asset details and photos into a catalog.  No valuations included.

Equipment profile

You supply the make, model, year, serial, and other attributes and the HeavyWorth team assigns a value range to each asset in an easy-to-read sheet.

USPAP-compliant appraisals

For clients with more stringent requirements, we can also generate USPAP-compliant or legal appraisals. Inquire for a custom proposal.

Team augmentation

Need values on equipment outside your expertise or help to get through a backlog of valuations?  We can provide additional resources to get that work done.



Flexibility. Quality. Simple. Speedy.

Flexible solutions

One size doesn’t fit all. Work with our team to build the right package for you. Don’t risk the success of a project with inaccurate values. Make better deals by not cutting corners on the numbers.

Quality valuations

Let HW leverage our technology, team of experts and robust data sources to generate accurate, consistent and trusted values for the equipment that runs your business.

Make things simple

From a turn-key service to website and mobile apps, our solutions let you spend less time worrying about values and more time focusing on your business.

Speed is essential

Your business moves fast, we can keep up. We are agile enough to work on your schedule, ensuring you get the right values exactly when you need them.


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