Streamline your heavy equipment appraisal workflows

Get values faster, with less work

The way dealers and lenders value heavy equipment today takes more time and effort than it needs to. Getting accurate information, communicating it to others, estimating a value, finding that value and what it was based on later — each step has the potential for headache and wasted time. That’s why we built a tool that’s so flexible and effortless, you’ll wonder why someone didn’t do it sooner.

Sync, store and send more precise
valuation data in a fraction of the time.

Photos in the field

Snap a pic through the mobile app and it’s instantly uploaded and cataloged.

Real-time communication

Send equipment details to your office before you even leave the customer’s site.

More accurate values

Create more accurate and complete listings with all information housed in a central hub.

Organized equipment listings

Quickly and easily access all of your equipment listings in one convenient spot.

HeavyWorth has really streamlined the whole process and I just can’t believe how much time it saves, not only for myself but also for our salesmen.

Kyle Taylor

Taylor Implement Company

Get more done from the field

Texts, emails, Dropbox or back to the office for data entry — capturing and sharing equipment information from the field can be cumbersome. Not with the HeavyWorth app! Our software does all the busy work for you. Simply take the photos, add context and then send to the office while you’re still at the customer’s site. The app will even date, timestamp, geotag and catalog it all for you.

Organized, secure and all in one place

HeavyWorth’s mobile-friendly software gives you one place for all equipment photos, identification numbers, meter readings and details. Everything is saved in one, all-accessible location — not scattered and locked away on people’s phones, hard drives or a sea of emails. It’s your singular solution to stay organized, quickly assign values and communicate information.

Remain in complete control of your process

Yes, the mobile-friendly software platform makes your valuations easier than ever. But we know one size doesn’t fit all. Rather than force you to adapt to a process we created, HeavyWorth gives you the tools to make every step in your process a bit easier and quicker to complete. However you do heavy equipment valuations, we can help you do them better.

Integration with third-party apps and services

With the ability to fully integrate with other valuation services and dealer tools, the HeavyWorth platform can be customized to meet your unique needs.