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Data entry

HeavyWorth strikes a balance between data entry and photography to help the user be most efficient and still facilitate an accurate valuation.

Each customer’s inventory — one item or a thousand items — is organized in a catalog.
Each asset has a simple checklist of expected information to capture.
Year, make, model and asset type are expected for each asset — but not required.

Taking pictures

HeavyWorth’s custom camera makes it easy to take the right pictures to associate with each item on the checklist.

Using the HeavyWorth camera organizes the photos from the primary image to all additional photos.
The custom camera interface allows switching photo type.
Serial numbers, VINs, odometers — HeavyWorth’s camera handles and properly categorizes them all.

The valuation loop

From the field to the office and back again, HeavyWorth handles the notifications and the data transfer to get the values back to the salesperson as fast as possible.

Once capture is complete, the evaluator is notified the equipment is ready. The web app displays everything for review.
The evaluator can add comps, links and valuation notes before assigning the values — book, cash, retail, recondition, FMV, OLV, FLV, etc.
The salesperson is notified by email about the completed valuation which is viewable in the email or mobile app.

Searching and exporting

Items are organized in catalogs and stored in the cloud. They’re easy to browse or search. HeavyWorth can generate reports and export data for use in other systems.

Catalogs are well organized and can be easily browsed and sorted.
Search for a catalog by owner information or asset details.
PDFs can be printed or saved. Catalogs can be exported as spreadsheets. Photos can be downloaded or saved to Dropbox.